Trying My Best
Episode 15 | Trauma, Parenting and Marriage with Lisa Lachmaier

Episode 15 | Trauma, Parenting and Marriage with Lisa Lachmaier

August 5, 2019

Happy August friends! I'm so excited to be back with another episode of Trying My Best. Before we get too far, I just want to give you a DISCLAIMER. In this episode, my guest and I discuss things like trauma and sexual assault. If this is a triggering topic for you, it may not be the episode for you. However, I do hope, if you're going through or have gone through something similar, that it will make you feel a little less alone.

On Episode 15 I am talking with my friend, Lisa Lachmaier and in our conversation, we dig into topics like parenting, sexual assault, marriage, and more. Tune into this episode to find out how Lisa is trying her best. 

Topics discussed in this episode:

+What her experience of being a mom has shifted and changed in her life

+The importance of being open with your kids about things like alcohol and sex

+Talking to your children about consent

+Lisa’s experience with sexual assault

+How racism has affected Lisa throughout her life

+The things that are rewarding in marriage and the things that are challenging

+The importance of building communication in a marriage

+How so many things in life are a work in progress

+Lisa’s advice for a successful marriage

+Body image and accepting the body you’re in


Resources mentioned:

+Beyond the Birds and Bees

+It’s Perfectly Normal

+To Have and to Hold

+Rachel Cargle


Connect with Lisa:



Connect with me:


Episode 14 | Nashville Bound with up-and-coming country singer, Kurt Freeman

Episode 14 | Nashville Bound with up-and-coming country singer, Kurt Freeman

July 24, 2019

Welcome back, friends! In Episode 14 of Trying My Best, I am talking to my good friend Kurt Freeman. Kurt and I grew up together so it was a real fun time hanging out together behind the mics. Kurt is an up-and-coming country singer here in Cleveland but is well on his way to Nashville. In this episode we talk about how he got into country music, songwriting, the music we are both loving and even Kurt's Enneagram results. Make sure you stay all the way through to the end because Kurt is going to sing for us! 


Music mentioned in the show:

-Zac Brown Band

-Casey Musgraves and her song, "Keep it to Yourself"

-Maren Morris an her song, "The Bones"

-Hozier's new album

-Kane Brown

-Live studio music video of "Give Me Love" by Ed Sheeran

-Tash Sultana

-Billie Eilish


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Find Kurt on Facebook at Kurt Freeman Music.


The song that Kurt covered was "What Are You Listening To?" by Chris Stapleton.


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Episode 13 | What the heck is functional medicine with Dr. Marcus Cirelli

Episode 13 | What the heck is functional medicine with Dr. Marcus Cirelli

June 23, 2019

This week on Trying My Best we welcome Dr. Marcus Cirelli, chiropractor, and functional medicine practitioner. Marcus tells us was pushed him to become a chiropractor and we dig into what a chiropractor actually does. How do chiropractors help people and what does Marcus say to the skeptics. Then we get into all things functional medicine. What the heck is functional medicine? Let Marcus tell you all about it in Episode 13 of Trying Me Best.

In our conversation we talk about:

  • What a chiropractor actually does
  • What Marcus has to say to the skeptics
  • What is functional medicine and how does it help people?
  • What it means to have inflammation and how someone gets it
  • Leaky Gut
  • Marcus' thoughts on wellness trends such as a gluten-free diet, collagen, and intermittent fasting.
  • Where people should start if they're just getting into the world of functional medicine.


Other important links:

Work with Dr. Marcus Cirelli

Follow Marcus on Instagram


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Episode 12 | Irissa is ready for Ellen!

Episode 12 | Irissa is ready for Ellen!

June 9, 2019

WE ARE BACK! And I can’t wait for you to hear this episode. For real-it’s raw, honest, and of course there are a few laughs. In Episode 12 of Trying My Best, I chat with my friend, Irissa. Irissa is not only funny and extremely endearing, but she is a TOTAL BADASS. She grew up with a rare disease called Proteus. And on top of that, she had a father that wasn’t there for her. Irissa and I bond over coping with abandonment, what family really means and Irissa’s pure joy for life. You’re not going to want to miss this one.

We talk about:

  • What the most rewarding part of being a dietitian is for Irissa
  • What Proteus is and what growing up with it was like for Irissa
  • How Nordstrom’s will sell you just one shoe!
  • How certain smells can trigger past memories
  • I also get pretty real and I open up about my relationship with my Dad
  • How families shape the way we look at intimate relationships

Aaaaaand I don’t want to give away the entire episode, so just tune in ya nerds!

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Episode 11 | Survivor’s biggest fan: Eric Smith

Episode 11 | Survivor’s biggest fan: Eric Smith

May 19, 2019

To say it has been a minute is an understatement. BUT WE ARE BACK & I am so excited to share Episode 11 with y’all because Eric is the


When he’s not packing the dance floor at weddings as the BEST DJ I’ve had the pleasure of working with he is running a podcast called New Dad Newer Dad, hanging out with his fabulous wife & two adorable kids and probably talking about Survivor. Apparently it is the best reality TV show of all times?


Maybe I should watch it now…


Anywho! On this episode we dive into a plethora of topics including:


-Being a dad and the realities of parenthood

-Debunking any preconceived notions you may have about wedding DJs

-Finding your way in life

-Mental health


Let’s do this thanggggg!


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Episode 10 | Matt is taking over!

Episode 10 | Matt is taking over!

April 8, 2019

You guys. This episode is EVERYTHING! Not just because we have made it to 10 amazing hangouts but because Matt is just the best.

I've only met Matt a handful of times but when we sat down to chat it was like we were instant friends. He is one of the most multifaceted people I've had the pleasure of interviewing. In his 26 years he's lived more life than anyone I know. His take on life, hilarious dry sense of humor and genuine investment in his relationships was more than enough to keep our conversation going for hours. 

Today we cover a butt-ton of topics including:

-How being a Navy Corpsman shaped him into the man he is today

-Surviving the loss of a parent

-Views on relationships, parenting, career changes and so much more

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Episode 09 | Hot damn! Evvy is here!

Episode 09 | Hot damn! Evvy is here!

March 25, 2019

If you don’t like cursing…tune out. Because Evvy is here & she’s a fucking DREAM.


I met Evvy about three years ago when I had just started my business. Looking back, I cringe at the thought of what my bridal booth looked like. But, not even 6 months after meeting her she was posted up as her OWN business across the aisle from me at another bridal show.


Evvy is the proud owner of The Blonde Maker where she creates gold out of just about anything. From sketches to macramé to embroidery to graphic design…she does it all. And she crushes it. This is one talented lady.


But what I admire most about Evvy is her zest for life and her fiery wit. She is an incredible mamma to her daughter, Charlie and their relationship is what I can only dream of having with my future children. When I asked her about Charlie she says, “It’s one of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever experienced” and I have to say just witnessing them I wholeheartedly agree.


In our chat we go into:

-Taking the leap to work for yourself & how people reacted

-Life as a single mom

-Raising a feisty, independent, sweet little girl

-Traveling alone & finding yourself

-Growing up with divorced parents

-Therapy & trauma & unlearning bad habits


You can find more information about Evvy & her businesses over at 

Episode 08 | Whattup whattup! Kim is in!

Episode 08 | Whattup whattup! Kim is in!

March 20, 2019

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Episode 8 is HERE!


Kim Adams is in the HOUSE and I am happy to say it was the internet that brought us together. Besides the fact that she is wickedly talented, Kim also has the most infectious laugh. It is important to tell you she attended OU (oh, yeah) where I personally spent many a weekend visiting my friends at the Harvard on the Hocking.


Many of you know Kim as the brilliant (& witty) artist behind Loose Leaf Creative. And you bet your sweet behind we dive deep into the journey into a creative entrepreneurial role. Kim and I share something in common: we were lost kids in their 20s who couldn’t fit into the mold of a 9-5. Call us rebellious, call us millennial, call us artists…we just don’t dig the norm.


In this episode we chat about:

-Kim’s deeply rooted love for Chicago (something I just don’t understand…)

-Why we fought the 9-5 vibe

-Breakups & makeups

-Not feeling the FOMO when working solo-solo

-Being young with anxiety

-The dreaded imposter syndrome

-Expectations for adulthood & starting a family


A WHOLE LOT OF GOODIES! Kim is truly a delight. She is unapologetically herself and I find her to be a breath of fresh air. Except for the part where she meows with her husband…don’t believe me? Listen to the pod.


Want to know more about Kim? Find her over here:

Instagram @looseleafcreative



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Episode 07 | Vanessa is a badass.

Episode 07 | Vanessa is a badass.

March 10, 2019

I know I've said it before & I will say it again: If you are a parent, I applaud the HELL out of you for doing it all.

I can barely manage to handle having dogs let alone raising a human being. But this lady, she does all the things but still looks out for number one: her own badass, well being. And I cannot say how much I look up to her as a mother, business owner and heck, as a friend!

Vanessa works with her husband, Patrick, as a full-time entrepreneur all while raising two smart, hilarious and energetic boys. She talks very candidly about her struggles with mental health, how physical fitness has helped her and how she's become more confident in her own skin.

She may be a badass but her heart is pure gold. Vanessa and I cover topics like:

  • What we thought parenthood would look like vs. what it is
  • PPD (postpartum depression) and how she fought back
  • Working with a spouse
  • What she hopes for her kiddos in the future
  • Tattoos (DUH!)
  • Just about all the things in life

I couldn't ask for a better guest. She made this 60 minutes fly right by. Want to hear more? Tune in to episode 7 of Trying My Best on iTunes or Spotify.

See ya nerds next time!


Episode 06 | My fellow podcaster, Katie!

Episode 06 | My fellow podcaster, Katie!

March 10, 2019

Hey hey hey!

We are BACK and better than ever. Everyone should take a little hiatus to get their ish in check. I am so happy to be back in the editing groove and share the arsenal of episodes I've been hoarding for about a month. One of those gems includes my time with Katie Tackett, the host of Muse Room Podcast, located right here in Cleveland.

Katie and I sat down in my cold, but cozy, basement to talk through her transition from full-time dance company member to podcast host and producer. But besides all the work chatter we dive deeper into:

  • Tackling body image battles
  • Changes in life circumstances
  • Cultivating a community in a new place
  • Being a shy extrovert
  • The challenges and best parts of hosting a podcast

Katie was such a dreamy guest and totally brings down my obnoxious, loud energy. Her intuitive approach to interviewing guests, views on community and changing careers are all worth a listen from start to finish.

Enjoy the 6th episode of Trying My Best, ya nerds!

Where can you find more information on Muse Room and Katie?

Instagram: @museroompodcast

iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher: Muse Room Podcast