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Episode 11 | Survivor’s biggest fan: Eric Smith

Episode 11 | Survivor’s biggest fan: Eric Smith

May 19, 2019

To say it has been a minute is an understatement. BUT WE ARE BACK & I am so excited to share Episode 11 with y’all because Eric is the


When he’s not packing the dance floor at weddings as the BEST DJ I’ve had the pleasure of working with he is running a podcast called New Dad Newer Dad, hanging out with his fabulous wife & two adorable kids and probably talking about Survivor. Apparently it is the best reality TV show of all times?


Maybe I should watch it now…


Anywho! On this episode we dive into a plethora of topics including:


-Being a dad and the realities of parenthood

-Debunking any preconceived notions you may have about wedding DJs

-Finding your way in life

-Mental health


Let’s do this thanggggg!


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See ya next time ya nerds!

Episode 10 | Matt is taking over!

Episode 10 | Matt is taking over!

April 8, 2019

You guys. This episode is EVERYTHING! Not just because we have made it to 10 amazing hangouts but because Matt is just the best.

I've only met Matt a handful of times but when we sat down to chat it was like we were instant friends. He is one of the most multifaceted people I've had the pleasure of interviewing. In his 26 years he's lived more life than anyone I know. His take on life, hilarious dry sense of humor and genuine investment in his relationships was more than enough to keep our conversation going for hours. 

Today we cover a butt-ton of topics including:

-How being a Navy Corpsman shaped him into the man he is today

-Surviving the loss of a parent

-Views on relationships, parenting, career changes and so much more

Check out this episode and plenty more on Spotify or iTunes. Thank you SO MUCH for all your support! Sharing all of these incredible stories has been such a privilege and I am so grateful for all of you tuning in.

Episode 09 | Hot damn! Evvy is here!

Episode 09 | Hot damn! Evvy is here!

March 25, 2019

If you don’t like cursing…tune out. Because Evvy is here & she’s a fucking DREAM.


I met Evvy about three years ago when I had just started my business. Looking back, I cringe at the thought of what my bridal booth looked like. But, not even 6 months after meeting her she was posted up as her OWN business across the aisle from me at another bridal show.


Evvy is the proud owner of The Blonde Maker where she creates gold out of just about anything. From sketches to macramé to embroidery to graphic design…she does it all. And she crushes it. This is one talented lady.


But what I admire most about Evvy is her zest for life and her fiery wit. She is an incredible mamma to her daughter, Charlie and their relationship is what I can only dream of having with my future children. When I asked her about Charlie she says, “It’s one of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever experienced” and I have to say just witnessing them I wholeheartedly agree.


In our chat we go into:

-Taking the leap to work for yourself & how people reacted

-Life as a single mom

-Raising a feisty, independent, sweet little girl

-Traveling alone & finding yourself

-Growing up with divorced parents

-Therapy & trauma & unlearning bad habits


You can find more information about Evvy & her businesses over at 

Episode 08 | Whattup whattup! Kim is in!

Episode 08 | Whattup whattup! Kim is in!

March 20, 2019

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Episode 8 is HERE!


Kim Adams is in the HOUSE and I am happy to say it was the internet that brought us together. Besides the fact that she is wickedly talented, Kim also has the most infectious laugh. It is important to tell you she attended OU (oh, yeah) where I personally spent many a weekend visiting my friends at the Harvard on the Hocking.


Many of you know Kim as the brilliant (& witty) artist behind Loose Leaf Creative. And you bet your sweet behind we dive deep into the journey into a creative entrepreneurial role. Kim and I share something in common: we were lost kids in their 20s who couldn’t fit into the mold of a 9-5. Call us rebellious, call us millennial, call us artists…we just don’t dig the norm.


In this episode we chat about:

-Kim’s deeply rooted love for Chicago (something I just don’t understand…)

-Why we fought the 9-5 vibe

-Breakups & makeups

-Not feeling the FOMO when working solo-solo

-Being young with anxiety

-The dreaded imposter syndrome

-Expectations for adulthood & starting a family


A WHOLE LOT OF GOODIES! Kim is truly a delight. She is unapologetically herself and I find her to be a breath of fresh air. Except for the part where she meows with her husband…don’t believe me? Listen to the pod.


Want to know more about Kim? Find her over here:

Instagram @looseleafcreative



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Episode 07 | Vanessa is a badass.

Episode 07 | Vanessa is a badass.

March 10, 2019

I know I've said it before & I will say it again: If you are a parent, I applaud the HELL out of you for doing it all.

I can barely manage to handle having dogs let alone raising a human being. But this lady, she does all the things but still looks out for number one: her own badass, well being. And I cannot say how much I look up to her as a mother, business owner and heck, as a friend!

Vanessa works with her husband, Patrick, as a full-time entrepreneur all while raising two smart, hilarious and energetic boys. She talks very candidly about her struggles with mental health, how physical fitness has helped her and how she's become more confident in her own skin.

She may be a badass but her heart is pure gold. Vanessa and I cover topics like:

  • What we thought parenthood would look like vs. what it is
  • PPD (postpartum depression) and how she fought back
  • Working with a spouse
  • What she hopes for her kiddos in the future
  • Tattoos (DUH!)
  • Just about all the things in life

I couldn't ask for a better guest. She made this 60 minutes fly right by. Want to hear more? Tune in to episode 7 of Trying My Best on iTunes or Spotify.

See ya nerds next time!


Episode 06 | My fellow podcaster, Katie!

Episode 06 | My fellow podcaster, Katie!

March 10, 2019

Hey hey hey!

We are BACK and better than ever. Everyone should take a little hiatus to get their ish in check. I am so happy to be back in the editing groove and share the arsenal of episodes I've been hoarding for about a month. One of those gems includes my time with Katie Tackett, the host of Muse Room Podcast, located right here in Cleveland.

Katie and I sat down in my cold, but cozy, basement to talk through her transition from full-time dance company member to podcast host and producer. But besides all the work chatter we dive deeper into:

  • Tackling body image battles
  • Changes in life circumstances
  • Cultivating a community in a new place
  • Being a shy extrovert
  • The challenges and best parts of hosting a podcast

Katie was such a dreamy guest and totally brings down my obnoxious, loud energy. Her intuitive approach to interviewing guests, views on community and changing careers are all worth a listen from start to finish.

Enjoy the 6th episode of Trying My Best, ya nerds!

Where can you find more information on Muse Room and Katie?

Instagram: @museroompodcast

iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher: Muse Room Podcast



Episode 05 | My comedy counterpart, Maria!

Episode 05 | My comedy counterpart, Maria!

February 22, 2019

Maria LeFebre showed up in Cleveland and made it her second home. She is just as proud as the next born and bread Ohioan to call this little slice of urban paradise her own. Heck, she has single handedly build an empire empowering local female owned businesses in just a couple of years. And you know what I love? She is ALL about supporting others and giving them the spotlight. And as an introvert/weirdo she doesn't even mind to be in the background.

But what you all don't know is that Maria is just about one of the most entertaining humans I've ever met. Her humor is dry and weird and quirky as all get out. She knows the way to my heart is with strange jokes, weird stories and giving me the top podcast recommendations.

Although her roots were originally planted in Colorado she brought her brilliant mind, giving heart and zest for adventure to the midwest. We cover so much in this episode and I figured you should know just a few topics:

  • Your Local Girl Gang: what is it and why Maria started this badass biz.
  • What it's like to start over in a new place.
  • How to find community.
  • Maintaining friendships near & far.
  • Why dogs are simply the best.
  • Comedy gold.

Want to know more about Maria and Your Local Girl Gang? Head on over to or find them at @localgirlgang_cle on Instagram!

See ya nerds next time!

Episode 04 | Marissa is all JOY!

Episode 04 | Marissa is all JOY!

February 9, 2019

You guys are in for a real treat. Marissa is truly the most phe-nom-enal human I've been lucky enough to get to travel with, laugh with and eat breakfast with. She is joy inside and out. And it takes all of two seconds to recognize how authentic she is.

About 5 years ago our paths crossed when my husband and I needed a photographer. Marissa was so sweet from day one. And heck, she endured a WHOLE DAY of chaos with us. I mean, if that isn't a testament to her patience I don't know what is.

In today's Episode 4 we cover:

  • Why she's got the travel bug (and how Europe changed her life)
  • What it's REALLY like to run a photography business
  • Introvert survival tips
  • How yoga can change a person
  • Peanut butter, Harry Potter, seeing joy in the little things

This candid beauty is authentic through and through. I hope those of you who know her from IG get to see a little more. She is just too fabulous to not showcase!

Cheers to my girl, Marissa.

Marissa's Website:

Marissa's Facebook Page:

Find her on Instagram: @marissadecker_

Episode 03 | YASSS Dee is here!

Episode 03 | YASSS Dee is here!

February 2, 2019


We are back with round 3 of the Trying My Best podcast and I am elated to have my brilliant, hilarious and weird friend, Dee, on to chat about all the things.

Dee is the proud owner of Diana Galay Photography based out of Cleveland, OH. The stars aligned about 6 months ago when Dee and I sat next to each other at a Local Girl Gang event. Instead of making classic networking chatter, we opted to overshare our life story and get to know each other almost too well. We just clicked! And just like all great romances begin…she started to photograph weddings with me.

After countless reception dinners we were able to get to know each other even more (if you can believe it) and she has an incredible story and insight to share.

In this episode we cover topics like:

Hustling as a part-time photographer

Dealing with PCOS & finding identity outside of a diagnosis

Building a community from scratch

Living as a Ukrainian American millennial in a modern society

Surviving friend breakups


Prepare yourselves for a lot of feels and overusing “YASSSSS”


You can find Dee on Instagram at deegee_photography


A few things we chatted about today:

-For more information on PCOS:

-Yoga Strong Studio (Cleveland, OH):

-Headspace Meditation App:

-Calm meditation App:

-Woman Code:

-Lee From America:

-Happy Lamp:

Episode 02 | My Pal Woody

Episode 02 | My Pal Woody

January 30, 2019

Oh boy. Here we go! My first episode as the host is up and ready for you nerds to listen to.

I was thrilled when Woody agreed to come and chat with me for an episode because he is quite possibly the easiest person to talk to. This right here is one good dude and after almost 10 years of knowing each other it felt like no time had passed since our last hangout. But we got right back into it and covered a ton of topics.

Woody is a NorthEast Ohio native who moved away to Georgia for a few years and after his life took a significant turn, he came back to his roots in good ol' Cleveland. Selfishly, I am over-the-moon to have him back here so we could reconnect. WOOHOO!

We cover the healing process after ending a long-term relationship, what it really means to know who you are and how we both want to be a little more present in our lives. We also chat about traveling abroad alone, why we love the National Parks and what it means to be invested in your friendships. 

Lots of feelings were felt. Lots of memories were revisited. And we had so much fun doing it. 

I hope you all enjoy being a part of our hangout! 

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